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Strategic Planning


Our company provides engineering services at international standards with its professional staff who are experts in their fields.

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Financial Clean-Up


Our company designs the automation system of military or civil marine vehicles in accordance with loyd and class rules.

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Cash Flow Planning


Our company continues its services in the sector with a superior success with its competent vehicles, equipment infrastructure and personnel.

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What Are We Doing?

High Quality, Certified Experience and Facilitating Solutions

As Electra Marine, it is our priority to meet all customer needs in the fastest way with full customer satisfaction in order to provide excellence in product and service quality.

We examine the problems of all our customers we provide maintenance and repair services on site, diagnose faults and provide detailed technical reports.

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Pressure, temperature sensor, Nakakita pressure, temperature sensor calibrations.

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Ship lighting, alternators, electric motors, main panel, auxiliary panels, machine control.

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Main engine control system, fire alarm system, O2 System, Ballast System, Bowthuruster, Level System, Wateringress.

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We provide professional consultancy services on all matters needed, especially for all marine vehicles.

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From the Past to the Future

In order to provide better and higher quality service to our customers, we have been receiving trainings of brands whose quality is accepted in the world for many years and we follow the latest technology closely.

We have been improving ourselves continuously for many years. We establish solid and sustainable relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders.


15 Years


What Have We Done?

Our customer-oriented company is to provide the best service to its customers without any problems.

Our first goal from the day we were founded to this day is to adopt quality service as a principle and to provide project-specific fast and safe solutions in ship and boat electrical & automation equipment by following the technology. We are taking firm and confident steps in the sector with our performance in sales and service of world famous brands.



Get Quality Service with Technical Solutions.

We are constantly improving ourselves. We establish solid and sustainable relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders. We do our job without sacrificing high quality standards and project requirements in project documentation and production.


Automation & Electric